Top 10 Mobile Apps for Car Owners

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Car Owners

AAA Mobile App

A must-have for AAA members, this app provides easy access to all of the automobile club’s services in one easy-to-use interface. It points out nearby gas stations with up-to-date fuel prices and public charging stations for electric car owners.

This app also makes it easier to call for roadside assistance by using your phones GPS coordinates. You can even specify if you need a tow, or just a battery replacement.

The AAA Mobile App is available for iOS and Android.

  • Michael Goldman

    What about TagMyRide app?

  • William G

    Wow, some of these are even for Windows Phone and Blackberry. Thanks!

  • Zachary

    I use Waze all the time. I’ve saved so much time being stuck in traffic.

  • Rickers

    Me too! Best app ever!

  • lee black

    What about Dashbox App?

    I hear the iPhone version comes next week with under the hood CarPlay features built in 😉

    Also 2 other cool apps called iCarConnect – check em out!

  • Richard

    I use Carso pro on my iPhone.

  • Sami Haj-Assaad

    Cool, that’s a great option for those who have a phone mount!

  • Emmanuel

    Check out this free iPhone app : On My Way Buddy – it features a fast and convenient way to inform someone that you are on your way. In just 2 clicks, send a text message with your location and a web link. Reduce distractions while driving.

  • Felix James

    Well, the Ford certainly wins the beauty contest.

  • Shiratori90

    I would beg to differ. I don’t find it’s scoopy-loopy sides or big mouth grill to be very attractive. The Accord is a better car in pretty much every category.

  • D Duffy

    The information on the interior color is incorrect. The color choices are limited, but there are 3 colors, Beige, black and grey.
    Grey in the blue and silver colored car
    Black in the steel metallic, black, silver
    Tan in steel metallic, white, black, green, silver and black

  • Bxodyssey

    I hove Honda vehicles. Every car I’d had up to this point were Honda/Acura, but I went with the Fusion Hybrid because the Accord wasn’t out yet. Of course no car is perfect but I love the car.
    (The rear seats folding down is a huge plus)

  • Sam

    I own the 2014 Accord Hybrid Touring model and I have to say that the gas mileage is really true to what they claim. Here is my experience. I have over 5000 miles on the odometer right now. A few weeks ago I took this picture of my trip computer. As you can see it clearly shows that I have got a phenomenal gas mileage of slightly over 50 mpg and that too over 4658 miles. This is over both highway and city driving under a variety of conditions, short drives, long drives, multiple passengers etc. And to top it off, the drive and feel is real good, except for a engine sound at low speed acceleration, the drive is real good with quick acceleration and nimble response. I will highly recommend this car to all who are interested in Hybrids.

  • HondaPro Jason

    It looks like the main advantage to Ford Fusion hybrid has over the Honda Accord hybrid is that it’s Cheaper? I’m OK with that. Another clear win for the Honda Accord

  • HondaPro Jason

    Good info thanks for posting 🙂

  • Felix James

    I call BS. 51 MPG?!? Consumer Reports said it got nowhere near that.

  • Herman Johnson

    Sorry, I do not agree that the Fusion is a good looking car. For some reason, I don’t like the grill(mouth) and the rear looks like a cheap economy car.

  • Shiratori90

    Agreed. Plus, with the Accord, you will see that money again when it comes time to sell, so it is the far and away winner here.

  • Sam

    I do not know about consumer reports, but look at my posting below with a picture of what I have experienced in terms of mpg over 4000 miles. I use the car for regular commute and some family use, over both highway and city roads. Hence in my experience I have to say that the EPA rating for the Accord Hybrid is really true.

  • D Duffy

    Does the hybrid have snap on hubcaps for aerodynamics or are they actual rims?

  • Derek Wilson

    Sam, I have the PHEV version. I’ve ranged from 80 mpg to 130 mpg. Short trips (less than 20 miles round trip can get the high end), longer trips 30 miles RT in hilly areas with AC on drops to the 80 mpg.
    Much depends on average length of trip, amount of hills and if I use the AC.
    What kind of terrain did you have and did you use AC for these numbers?

  • Sam

    My trips have been as short as 3-4 miles (running errands) to 40-60 miles per trip. The terrain has been both flat and hilly over local as well as highways. AC has been on and I have also used the econo mode that comes with the Honda. Hope this answers your question.

  • Sam

    I am not sure, however, I believe they are 17 inch alloy rims and not hubcabs

  • Dave Brown

    The Ford is a stunning automobile. The design is one of the very best on the road. It has visual identity. The lines are svelt. There is nothing stodgy or old school about it. The accord is nice looking but was not truly all new from the previous generation design. Honda replaced the sheet metal but kept the a pillars, front windscreen and other hard elements.

  • Those were my thoughts exactly Jason! 🙂

  • TourDeForce

    “… more importantly, the buttons and switches are more satisfying to press.” Are you expecting to be taken seriously as an automotive journalist? How about something more practical to critique, like how nearly useless the Accord cup holders might be. Interior storage volume, convenience, & design? That handbrake ever get in the way or the ladies get their bracelets caught on it?

    The Accord styling is dated IMHO. The overall package is not unattractive, but it is not far off what you would have seen 12 years ago on a typical sedan. Sure the big grill of the Ford is not for everybody, and it is a styling cue taken from Austin-Martin that has been in use for decades (admittedly an aggressive & classic look perhaps out of place on an econo-box hybrid), but the rest of the car is quite refreshing, I think.

  • TIE

    Nice-looking car for sure, but it appears stretched lengthwise somehow. The Accord’s proportions look nicer. With regards to the comment above having to do with the Accord’s windshield, C pillars, etc.: There’s something to be said for enhanced visibility, no matter how many driver assistance gadgets there may be.

  • Honda salesman 2014

    I recently sold a 2015 accord ex-l its rated fro 50/45/47 my customer has about at 35 commute each way to work. I called her the next day after work to see what her mpg was under her normal driving routine. She was averaging 48.7 on her first day. Side note she traded in a C230 Komp. So need

  • Very Happy

    I own a 2014 Accord Hybrid Touring with 10,000 mile on it and I calculate the MPG at every fill up and compare to the cars calculation. MPG ranges 47 to 50. I have “zero” regrets buying the car.

  • Kyle

    I own the 2014 Hybrid Fusion. I get between 42-45 MPG and I drive combined hwy and city. If the accord truly gets 47-50 hat is awesome.

    I do disagree with a few things from the author though. The interior of the fusion is nice in my opinion as well as the trunk feels fine and not awkward. The trunk has a little bump in it but it is still plenary big for us to out our child’s stroller and all of our groceries in it. The interior also feels very nice and stylish.

    This is also the quietest car I have ever driven even when in non hybrid mode I can barely hear anything not sure what the noise complaint is but I have driven most hybrids and this is the quietest of them. The new accord may be silent but I doubt it could be that much quieter.

    Final thought is price. I was able to get a 2014 SE model with the touch screen and appearance package down to 23,900. There is plenty of room for negotiating with the fusion hybrid compared to other hybrids I have tried to purchase.

  • MiataGuy

    Um, the Honda interior? You’ve got to be joking, Honda has cheapened their interiors to the point of being crap. Hard plastic IP etc. The Fusion interior is miles better. Fusion handling is WAY superior to the Accord. And exterior styling? It’s like Aston Martin vs. Godzilla. The Accord styling is hideous (btw I am a fan of the CR-V styling but wow did they get the Accord wrong!).

  • wiseoldfart

    I thought I would prefer the Camry hybrid a few years ago, but I’m glad I settled for a 2012 Camry LE I-4. I’m now considering the 2015 Camry SE I-4 because it will undoubtedly handle noticeably better than my LE, steer better, brake better, while also being noticeably quieter on the road. Not crazy about the exterior looks, but love the new interior and all the trunk space. I’ll still get 12-18 MPG less than one of the top 3 hybrid sedans, but they don’t come close to matching the 2015 Camry SE in areas that are most important to me. Perhaps the next generation Camry hybrid will come with LI batteries, have great brake feel, be quicker and quieter, handle better, and get 50 MPG. That would interest me. Hybrids still need a little more refinement in areas that matter to me.

    Of course, if I had to drive in heavy traffic often, I’d have bought a Camry hybrid or Prius in 2012. Remarkably reliable despite their faults. I’m averaging over 28 MPG in my Camry LE with the A/C always on in Florida and that’s good enough for me until the next hybrid breakthrough.

  • Dustin

    According to your link, the Fusion tested here got 39 mpg. It seems that the test here used less stopping and going than the consumer reports test. What really matters is the comparison being apples to apples. In both cases, it seems the Fusion and Accord got amazing mileage, with the Accord being better mileage and more expensive. I don’t see how the difference in scores is ‘BS’.

    With these cars, it is all about how you drive it. My CR-Z either gets 51-52 MPG or 37-40 MPG just depending on whether I decide to really hypermile or just not think about mileage.

  • Fred

    The Honda does not have a CVT, technically the Accord hybrid has NO transmission to speak of. Please read:

  • 30+

    My 2013 Fusion has averaged 49.7 mpg over 42,000 the past year. We typically get 50-60 mpg on daily runs in town. Highway mileage is not so good, around 40-42 at 65 or so. Ours is fully loaded and with leather the interior is as nice and comfortable as my mother-in-law’s BMW.

  • Tom Rosh

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  • Ding Hua

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  • CruiseEire

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