Top 10 Things To Check On A New Car Sticker

Top 10 Things To Check On A New Car Sticker

1. Year, Model and Engine configuration

This is the biggest draw to the new car window sticker – the total price of everything. This includes the cars MSRP and Destination fee, giving you the complete upfront cost of the car you’re looking at.

Keep an eye open for an additional “dealer” sticker, which may add extra cost to the car – commonly called a markup. Dealers hope to cash in on the popularity of a model, by adding more money which goes straight into their pockets. Sometimes called a “Additional Dealer Markup” or “Retail Market Adjustment” this shouldn’t be on the Monroney, and if it is – you’re dealing with a pretty shady dealership. It’s your cue to walk away.

The Monroney sticker is excellent for helping buyers gather important facts about the new car they’re considering. It’s clear, concise and full of useful data. Be sure to check it carefully so you know every detail about the car and can set your expectations and budget accordingly.


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