Top 10 Worst Vehicles to Drive in a Zombie Apocalypse

Top 10 Worst Vehicles to Drive in a Zombie Apocalypse

1. Nissan Leaf

Ah yes, the Nissan Leaf. This is a car that’s got a lot to prove. Along with a handful of other electric automobiles it’s trying to change the world of motoring forever; it’s working to show that electrons trump hydrocarbons. Regrettably it’s not doing a very good job of it.

Along with models like the smart ED, BMW i3 and Honda Fit EV the Leaf is hamstrung by limited range and a massive curb weight. For escaping a zombie apocalypse it’s about as useful as trying to use a rototiller as a getaway car; it’s just not going to happen.

There are a million different scenarios where it could fail you. “Oops, I forgot to plug it in last night.” Dead. “A safe haven is more than 84 miles away.” Dead again. “The zombies are armed with Super Soakers full of cat pee.” Gross… oh, and potential lithium-ion electrocution.  Also, if you live in a northern climate this undead apocalypse better not go down in the middle of winter or your range will be even less and your chances of survival less than zero.

And there you go. Should a horde of hungry zombies descend on your town and you want to get out alive avoid the abovementioned vehicles at all cost.

  • Jeff T

    Awesome choice autoguide with making the leaf #1. Zombie apocalypse range anxiety is 10x worse then rush hour range anxiety!

  • ColumWood

    I think you’ve coined a new term “Zombie apocalypse range anxiety”.

  • I agree wholeheartedly, I hate most of the shitbox’s listed

  • Vahagn Barseghyan

    where is prius?

  • Rickers

    Are you serious? The Prius would be great. It’s slow as crap, but it’s quite and can run on gas or electricity. You could just slide right past the Zombie horde… and keep going for miles and miles.

  • pwned88

    This is the dumbest list with even worse reasoning. I like how you included the 300 purely because of it’s tires. Which totally can’t be switched or anything.

    Or the fact that tiny engines were the main reason for including most of these cars. It’s not like you can pull up to a gas station and ask the attendant to flip the switch, 40+mpg is gonna save your life compared to a super fast car out of gas.

  • Shawn Merrill

    The 300C is bad choice because its a TERRIBLE car…

  • Chris Hamilton

    So… basically you just chose 10 cars at random and over exaggerated the obvious? TIL I could be a writer for

  • Awesomeara_27

    Mustang it is then.

  • Rickers

    Somebody spends too much time on Reddit.

  • Rickers


  • ThisIs84

    This article sucked.

  • Autoguide article sucked

    Absent was tue name of the author.. He is likely a zombie himself… Proof?…
    Lifeless writing
    Complete lack of regard for the time of ours he wasted
    Clearly no brain

    So therefore without a writer zombie to remember for a terrible article note the ” magazine”
    AUTOGUIDE wasted our time

  • Alice D’artagnan
  • ColumWood

    Underneath the headline it clearly says “Craig Cole”. Still… you might be right about the Zombie thing.

  • Serdar

    stupid article. it’s like “worst cars for formula race” and you pick offroad vehicles. Also this site is uber slow and not interested in clicking next/previous to see all the vehicles. Shove this page in your beeeeeep

  • ChiefQueef117

    yeah but like the prius looks like a tapon on wheel or an always pad on wheels.