Toyota Tacoma Holds Value Best of All Trucks: Study

Toyota Tacoma Holds Value Best of All Trucks: Study

Vehicles are money pits, but a new study says the Toyota Tacoma is pretty shallow as these things go.

Compared to all other trucks and SUVs, the not-so-small Taco tends to keep its value the best according to the latest Used Car Fuide from the National Automobile Dealers Association. After three years, the guide says a Tacoma is typically worth 80.7 percent of its purchase price.

The percentages are calculated using based on the most commom trim sold and a three-month average trade-in value divided by the vehicle’s original MSRP exclusing incentives and rebates. Pickup trucks in general tend to hang on to their value better than other vehicles.

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Toyota’s 4Runner was the second-best overall with a score of 79.8 percent while the comapny’s larger Tundra pickup supposedly holds 71.6 percent of its initial value.

In the large SUV category, GMC’s Yukon Denali ranked at the top with 62 percent, but Toyota took the most “first place” rankings by category in the report, which only includes light-duty trucks and SUVs. Toyota ranked at the top in five of nine categories cited in the March report and when it wasn’t first, it ranked in second or third place except for the comapct luxury utilty segment that the comapny plans to enter with its upcoming RAV4-based NX.

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