Volkswagen T-ROC Concept Looks to Grow VW SUV Lineup

Volkswagen T-ROC Concept Looks to Grow VW SUV Lineup

Volkswagen’s new small crossover concept is meant to be reasonably quick on pavement and sure-footed on more natural pathways where rocks and tree roots are common.

Called the T-ROC Concept it’s based on the brand’s modular MQB architecture, meaning it shares quite a bit of DNA with the Volkswagen Golf. A familiar 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine sends 184 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque to all four corners via a permanent all-wheel drive system. A seven-speed dual clutch handles gear shifts and VW says the concept is capable of fuel consumption as low as 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers on the European test cycle. That translates to 48 mpg, although U.S. government evaluations would probably return considerably worse numbers.

Of course, the T-ROC also sits higher above the ground than its Golf relatives in a preview of what will ultimately become a small crossover product sitting below Volkswagen’s current Tiguan.

The two-door concept features a removable roof that splits in two halves as well as cameras facing both forward and backward with LED spotlights. Short front and rear overhangs with 19-inch wheels characterize the heavily stylized concept that previews the brand’s future design direction.

Like the exterior, Volkswagen went to work designing a thoroughly modern cabin concept. Its infotainment system uses a removable tablet and an HD display in place of the rear-view mirror. Incidentally, Nissan announced plans to display a similar rear-view technology here as well. Audi already uses a high-definition rear-firing camera on its R18 e-Tron race car. But that isn’t the only area where VW went wild with digital displays. In fact, all of the instruments in the T-ROC concept are digital including the drive mode toggle that shifts between street, off-road and snow modes.

Volkswagen hasn’t said anything yet about a possible production schedule, but news of those plans could be closer than you might guess. The company introduced its CrossBlue concept in 2013 last it announced a production timeline for the SUV to arrive in 2016. Details about this concept are pretty specific. For example, the company said it weighs just over 3,350 lbs. With specifications like that on hand, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a turnaround with speed similar to the CrossBlue concept.

GALLERY: Volkswagen T-ROC Concept


GALLERY: Volkswagen T-ROC Concept


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  • live

    Here’s my complain with Volkswagen: this is a car nobody asked for and nobody will buy. Why aren’t they addressing more relevant issues in their american product line? If they would offer the Amarok, it would sell like crazy. They could start importing from mexico tomorrow with almost NO modifications and get the jump on GM, Nissan, Toyota etc because Americans would see it as a new product even though it isn’t. That would be smart.

  • Ratamaq

    Chicken Tax

  • paidpaipa

    Aaaargh! Those huge round foglamps make it look like that other ugly car,… what’s the name, I don’t remember!! C’mon VW!

  • Diogenes

    Just give us the 4 motion Passat wagon Back!

  • Robby G
  • Old vw bug fan

    I would buy one. I have a 65 bug, 68 bug and an 01 bug. I have had 2 different vans in the past which I wish I had kept. Cars I could fox with a screwdriver and a wrench an maybe a timing light. Simple, cheap to maintain low environmental impact. Isnt that what everyone wants?