VW Considering North American Truck Larger than Amarok

VW Considering North American Truck Larger than Amarok

Often rumored but never coming to fruition, Volkswagen is once again considering a pickup truck for the North American market.

The Volkswagen Amarok originally debuted in 2009, and the German automaker had discussed the prospects of bringing it to America. Ultimately, the decision was made to not bring the Amarok despite its success in other markets.

But the pickup market has changed since 2009, with more midsized entries into the segment, prompting Volkswagen to once again mull over a truck for the North American market. This time around however, it might not be the Amarok but rather a larger offering as Volkswagen believes the Amarok is too small for the U.S. Then again, Volkswagen could consider making the Amarok larger to suit the needs of the American consumer.

GALLERY: Volkswagen Amarok Canyon concept


[Source: Autoblog]

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  • Johnny Pettersson

    Volkswagen has since the fifties made exceptional good transport vehicles with split rear axles. This give a very good comfort, but now all the sudden the 100 year old strait axle is back with all the bad elements.
    why !!!!!
    i wouldn’t even dream of replace my VW transporter T25 Syncro or my Touareg V6 TDI -08.
    The Touareg has a realy good drivetrain (if you unlike Volkswagen actually maintain the gearbox, new oil every 35000 miles) why not use that in the Amarok or even the Crafter.

    Johnny Pettersson
    chief & head technician
    ITS Transmission +46702678141
    bearing and gear specialist , tribology and maintenance consultant.