Watch the Corvette Sinkhole Rescue Live in Action

Watch the Corvette Sinkhole Rescue Live in Action

An operation to recover eight priceless Corvettes is underway at the National Corvette Museum, and now you can watch the action live.

As of publication time, one Corvette had been recovered from the hole, which means that seven remain. The structure of the building had to first be stabilized before any work could begin, but now the necessary teams and equipment have been assembled to begin extracting the rare cars.

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The first car to be brought up was the 2009 ZR1 Blue Devil. Next up on the list are a ’62, and a ’93 40th Anniversary coupe.

GM will be fully restoring all of the cars to be put back on display, though the Museum has plans to display the damaged cars as is for a short period of time before the restoration begins.

Check out the live stream below direct from the Museum’s SkyDome camera.

[Source: National Corvette Musem]