Testing Toyota’s Tough Truck in the Tundra: Part 1

Testing Toyota’s Tough Truck in the Tundra: Part 1

Day 1 - Toronto to Baie-Comeau: Smooth Highways

Setting out from Toronto, it would take us three days of driving before we actually made it to Labrador. During the first leg of the journey we covered mostly flat, straight highways, which demonstrated a few things about the trucks.

Wind noise is substantially reduced in the new generation Tundra. However, the cabin is still noisier than other half-ton pickups.

Highway cruising also highlighted the steering feel of the Tundra, which has been made lighter and easier to handle in the third generation. Keeping the 2014 model between the lines while fighting strong side winds is much easier than it is with the 2007 model, which has comparatively tight turning response. It makes long highway drives less strenuous, which is an important trait when you’re covering as many miles as we were about to.

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  • TruckJunkie

    Sounds like an Amazing trip!

  • Russ D

    top gear BBC already did this. to the north pole.

  • John Fayko

    what happened to part 2??