Testing Toyota’s Tough Truck in the Tundra: Part 1

Testing Toyota’s Tough Truck in the Tundra: Part 1

Day 3 - Labrador City to Churchill Falls: Off the Grid

After two days of driving, our little convoy finally reached the head of the Trans-Lab Highway to find it engulfed by inclement weather. Blowing snow shortened our view to just a few feet ahead of the truck. This was also the first time along the way when cell service disappeared.

Few vestiges of cellular service would surface until our destination; we were completely on our own.

In situations like this, you come to appreciate the warmth and comfort of the Tundra’s interior. Even the 2007 truck came with heated seats that didn’t show any serious signs of wear despite their age aside from run-of-the-mill creases. But it is no match for the 1794 Edition.

Backseat.mov.jpgToyota’s new luxury truck has some of the most comfortable seats of any half-ton pickup. The cabin is also fairly practical, offering a massive center console along with a fair number of storage spots. The folding rear seats are also especially useful because they offer plenty of covered storage space.

There’s also a new storage spot on the dashboard well suited for holding light items that need to be accessed quickly, like hats and mitts.

Only two things are missing by our estimation. The first is a 110-volt three-prong plug, which would allow us to charge our phones and other electronics on the road without the need for a 12-volt adapter. The second is a heated steering wheel.

Pulling into the small town of Churchill Falls meant that our cell phone service returned and we got a phone call that would change to the layout of our entire trip….

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  • TruckJunkie

    Sounds like an Amazing trip!

  • Russ D

    top gear BBC already did this. to the north pole.

  • John Fayko

    what happened to part 2??