Chevrolet SS to get Manual, Magnetic Ride Suspension

Chevrolet SS to get Manual, Magnetic Ride Suspension

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Would a manual transmission make the Chevrolet SS that much more exciting?

With a 6.2-liter V8 under the hood packing 415 hp, the Chevrolet SS boasts an aggressive design for a sedan and with its rear-wheel drive setup, it’s almost a shock that the American automaker didn’t include a manual transmission when the model was first offered. But MotorTrend let slip through Twitter that Chevrolet plans to offer a manual version and that the SS will gain GM’s magnetic ride control suspension.

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That combination could propel the SS right into enthusiasts hearts and, perhaps, into more marketable territory. The newfangled performance sedan is supposedly going to debut during the Woodward Dream Cruise in August. A Chevrolet spokesman was unavailable to confirm the rumor.

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[Source: Twitter]

  • Soyntgo4it

    I’ll See it then I will believe it. Magnetic suspension is not GM’s patent once again they took it from someone else just like Ford and their Line Lock feature.

  • Andy Whitby

    Well actually the company they ‘took’ it from used to be owned by GM before the bankruptcy. It’s their intellectual property, and they OWN the patient. It’s theirs.

  • Robert Dwyer

    This is a game changer for me. Now I might think about trading my 2009 G8 GT

  • Mike

    Developed at MIT under contract from GM. GM owns this patent. Ferrari licensed it from GM.

  • Soyntgo4it


  • Soyntgo4it


  • WhenWillAmericaWakeUp?

    Please enlighten us then instead of being obnoxious. What is the real story?

  • Jeff T


  • Soyntgo4it

    Enlighten you hmm GM owns nothing of which they say they make they take from others and just rename it. How much of a fool are you people seriously they are just as bad as Ford. You want research try doing it yourself and you may learn more about these Auto companies.

  • dakah

    {civic driving ricer detected}

  • Soyntgo4it

    Douchebag troll detected. You have not a clue. I feel sorry for you.. Nah not really.

  • Soyntgo4it

    Again magnetic ride is not GM’s and if you take the time to research you would learn and know that.. But all are just too lazy to further research the topic so you look like damn fools.. Lmao!

  • SmarterthanSoyntgo4it

    lol he thinks he knows anything. go ahead, write back. if its something of substance i’ll eat my hat.

  • Soyntgo4it

    Aww aren’t you real clever moron with the screen name. talk about someone who defielty has no life has time to make up a new screen name. Tell a lot about you.. lmao!! Also you may want to use proper grammar next time too to really get your insult a better punch. Freaking uneducated moron I really don’t feel sorry for you its your parents I feel sorry for.

  • RAWR86

    Ahh yes, the good old “I’m right but I don’t have any proof and it’s up to you find it”.
    Soyn, if you’re gonna make those kinds of accusations, at least provide SOME kind of proof.

  • dale

    Magnetic ride control was developed in-house by Delphi, which was previously owned by GM. This is listed under wikipedia. Here is an interesting article by MotorTrend which lists GM as having first had the technology. Here is the link.

  • Richard Joash Tan


  • Tim

    “That combination could propel the SS…perhaps, into more marketable territory.” Uh, I’m pretty sure manual transmissions do the opposite, considering a small perfentage of car buyers statistically opt for them.

    *I* buy nothing BUT manuals, but the majority of car buyers don’t. In fact i think it was lamborghini (can’t remember exactly, but one of the super car manufacturers) that has done away with manuals COMPLETELY , because they don’t get enough orders for them. Its sad, really…

  • Andy Whitby

    It was developed by Delphi Automotive Systems. Which was formally Automotive Components Group. Which was founded by GM in 1994.

    The technology was implemented first in GM cars and when GM sold Delphi in 1999 it retained the patent.

    GM now licenses the technology to other manufacturers and it’s own subsidiaries as a form of generating revenue.

  • Soyntgo4it

    And you smell like it your point?

  • Soyntgo4it

    Again magnetic ride is not GM’s and if you take the time to research you would learn and know that.. But all are just too lazy to further research the topic so you look like damn fools.. Lmao!

  • dale

    Delphi was an GM subsidiary back in the day. So yes it used to be a GM company. The first product the MR technology came out on was the Cadillac STS.

  • Guest

    Its Delphi’s not GM’s

  • guest-spanker

    whether or not magnetic ride is GM’s or not is irrelevant. GM has rights for it and it has been currently using it in (GM) Holden’s, and could easily be a stateside option since its a function already available in Australia production.

  • #1judge

    Who really cares?happens when or not it happens! The guys an idiot

  • James

    And now BWI’s since they purchased Delphi suspension division in 2009. Who owns it now is basically moot point as it was GM Engineers who started development and it was on a GM vehicle where the technology was released to the public. So it will always be considered GMs.

  • ?

    The only non GM vehicles with Magnetic Ride is Audi and Ferrari. All the research I can find says it GM technology developed by Delphi, which is now owned by the Chinese. I am sure you already know this.

  • icecoldg8

    Im sure that will get the SS more attention and sales but in order for the SS to be a game changer it needs a more aggressive exterior. Its boring, ask one of your old pontiac design guys to lend a helping hand. Secondly it need more competitive pricing options. For example starting at $35k WITHOUT navigation, park assist, brembo, back up camera, maybe cheaper 18’s as a option. $49K is cts-v territory.

  • Ang Phet

    whether its magnetic or whatever, the point is American brand car sucks bwhahahahahah. Cheaply built made in China from mixed generic and Korean scrap and re-badge with GM Ford Chrysler bwhahahahah

  • Christian Pankow

    It’s actually built in Australia. And many ‘foreign’ car makers have plants here in the US as well. Show me a car available today that isn’t outsourced.

  • Chevy owner

    I waited a long time for the SS to come to market. Looked it over at the dealer, drove it and
    was disappointed in the drive and that it did not have a manual transmission. ALL the rest
    of the bells and whistles were there as part of the expensive cost….park assist, etc. I will
    wait again for them to improve this SS and maybe I will buy.

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