2015 Corvette Gains Eight-Speed Automatic

2015 Corvette Gains Eight-Speed Automatic

The 2015 Corvette Stingray will automatically be better than the 2014 model.

That’s because the comapny plans to put a version of the eight-speed automatic transmission first announced for the Z06 into the Stingray next year. The auto-box is said to deliver especially fast shifts that are competitive with dual-clutch units. For example, GM boasts that wide-open throttle upshifts are slightly quicker than the Porsche 911’s PDK.

While it’s true that both models will offer the eight-speed automatic, this version has different clutch and torue converter specifications suited to the naturally-aspriated V8. GM says the new transmission will offer a five percent bump in fuel economy while enhancing performance. By offering two more gears, the transmission is also supposed to do a better job of keeping the engine at peak power.

General Motors hasn’t announced what if any price changes will come for the 2015 model year along with the new equipment. Currently, the Stingray equipped with the six-speed automatic starts at $55,345 including delivery. It shouldn’t come as any surprise if Chevrolet increases the price for 2015.

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  • Shiratori1

    Pffftttt……. Other cars have had 8-speed transmissions for years. Welcome to the 2010s!

  • Jim Jim

    What cars had an 8-speed in 2010? Maybe a Lexus or two?

  • Rickers

    I wonder if it can get 30 mpg now?

  • Shiratori1

    2008 in fact is when the first 8-speed automatics began to appear in cars (ex.LS400). So yeah, nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary about this.

  • Eeeha45

    That will sure turn it around in bad weather !