2015 Mustang Burnout Control Holds Front Brakes

2015 Mustang Burnout Control Holds Front Brakes

When the first customers take delivery of the new 2015 Mustang, they will have access to a feature meant specifically for the race track.

Part of owning a Mustang is going really fast in a straight line and Ford knows that. It’s why the car will combine a launch control system with an electronic line lock for more consistent drag strip performance.

The system will allow Mustang owners to do roast their rear tires to prepare for a drag race without having to modify their brakes, Mustang chief engineer Dave Pericak said.

If the driver enables electronic line-lock and lifts the brake pedal, the car will release the rear brakes but not the front calipers. It will make performing a standing burnout very simple. Ford said today that the system will be part of the standard equipment list on all GT Mustangs with a manual transmission.

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