2015 Mustang Options Pricing Leaked

2015 Mustang Options Pricing Leaked

New details about how the 2015 Mustang will be packaged and what that equipment will cost just leaked.

Photos taken of a dealer ordering system suggest that Ford will offer five models: the 3.7-liter V6 at the base, the 2.3-liter EcoBoost, the 5.0-liter V8 GT, the 50th anniversary edition currently on display in New York and an SVT version.

Actual pricing isn’t shown in the pictures, but customers who opt for the six-speed automatic will pay an extra $1,195 for it. Adaptive cruise control is also optional and will come with the same price tag as the slushbox. Navigation costs $795 and reverse parking assistance costs $295 on the base GT model.

Ford also apparently only plans to charge $395 for a limited-slip 3.55 rear end. There’s also a separate performance package for the GT model that costs $2,495. Recaro sport seats cost $1,595. Finally, the 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder model will also be offered with a performance package for $1,995.

It also looks like 19-inch painted aluminum alloy wheels will cost $995 while 20-inch versions will set you back $1,295.

The photos also show that Ford will offer 10 paint colors, eight of which are available at not extra cost. If you want “triple yellow,” get ready to drop an extra $495. “Ruby Red Tint” costs $395.

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[Source: Mustang6G.com]

  • Terra

    I’m a Nissan Z fan, but I have to say, this Mustang is beautiful, I’m actually considering it as my next car over the next new Z.

  • J Mac

    I’ll wait to find out what the next Z car looks like. I’m betting a lot smaller and a WAY nicer interior. I like the new Mustang, but I’m still not convinced the US automakers can build a sports car.

  • rrg9946

    You bet that US automakers can’t build a sports car?! Which cars should we start with, Viper, ZR1, ZL1, 662HP Shelby GT500, Ford GT, oh let us not forget the Hennessey Venom GT which drags the Veyron around the track all day.

  • JG

    Yea, because we all know the Z blows the doors off the american muscle.

  • Bizzy

    Love the new Mustang but love my 2013 GT.

  • Rodeheavers Hotrod Shop

    Yeah, If money is right, I am going to own one of these cars!

  • Ed

    You must be from CO. Keep smoke’n that weed.

  • JG

    Truth stings doesn’t it Ed!

  • TrOpIcAlBaBe

    I’m a stang girl, owned a few and still own one. I switched it up a few yrs ago with a Challenger and then switched it up again not to long ago for the RT model. Had I known this Mustang was going to be this awesome, I would have definitely held off on my KnightRider. But whose to say that I won’t cave in and trade in my KnightRider for another bat mobile 😉 then my garage is going to be the envy of the block with two bat mobiles sitting nice! I’m excited!!

  • Richard DuBois

    “Ford also apparently only plans to charge $395 for a limited-slip 3.55 rear end.”

    Well originally a 355 rear axle ratio was free, standard on the GT Manual trans cars.
    Then it became a $100. option
    Then it became a $300. option.
    Now, as you state it is $395.
    Sounds normal, wish wages were in that league for blue collar workers.

  • twobitcoder

    It was not limited slip previously.

  • twobitcoder

    I also like the Z, but it’s over priced and under powered. My only option would be a Nismo but they’re steep.

  • Garner

    Every GT has had limited slip since the early 90s

  • Mike

    Yeah because my mother’s Pontiac Grand Prix could take a 350z… don’t get me wrong the Nissan is a good car but not where it should be for the price tag…

  • vince

    That started in the mid 80’s . I have an 88 gt with a 3.08 track-Lock. (Trac-Lok is how they spell it) that’s a Limited slip

  • oceantracks

    So glad we got a 2014 GT before the body change!

  • Toberman

    It’s total bullsh*t

  • Toberman

    I’ll keep my 2013 5.0 with 613 rwhp (after mods etc.), you can have the 2015 Euro-Stang…

  • armyguy202000

    Ford messed up a good thing. I don’t think it will be long before another style change. I have a feeling this style won’t go over well. That’s why I got a 14 before this came out.

  • Dale E. Kipp

    Section 4-6 inches out off the beltline, lose at least 500 pounds, then you’d have something

  • Dale E. Kipp

    Hope this 2.3 turbo last longer than the ol’ Thunderbird Super Coupe and other turbo 4’s that Ford built in the past

  • Boost

    I own an 87 Tbird TurboCoupe. The engine lasts forever. Not sure where you’ve gotten your information.

  • Dale E. Kipp

    I used Mobile 1 Synthetic, by 50,000 I replaced the cam, turbo and it still sucked oil, replaced the 2.3 with a 5.0.

  • wolflen

    2014 corvette ??

  • Ed Smith

    You wanna suck flying squids dick don’t you?

  • Toberman

    Ooooo, an internet TOUGH GUY or in actuality, a small dicked wanna be…