Updated Nissan Versa Sedan to Bow at New York Auto Show

Updated Nissan Versa Sedan to Bow at New York Auto Show

Nissan will lift the cover off its face lifted 2015 Versa sedan at this year’s New York Auto Show.

Joining the debut of the 2015 Murano crossover in Nissan’s booth at New York this year will be an updated version of the automaker’s subcompact Versa sedan. Typical to most mid-cycle refreshes, expect the 2015 Versa sedan to sport a new front end while the interior will benefit from newer materials and a revised center stack, steering wheel, gauges and new plastics.

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It’s unlikely that Nissan will introduce new powerplants as part of the mid-cycle refresh. The Nissan Versa sedan is America’s best-selling subcompact model and is also the cheapest, with a current starting price of $11,990 including destination.

This news is an indication that Nissan likely will not offer the Micra sub-compact in the US as well. Nissan Canada recently announced the Micra for sale there while simultaneously axing the Versa Sedan.

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  • Jeffrey McCollum

    The new Versa is selling overseas already. Minor tweaks for the car makes this value price leader a even better value

  • Rickers

    And by “value” do you mean “crappyness”? Let’s face it, the base Versa is a terrible car.

  • Jeffrey McCollum

    I have 2 (2013 & 2014) Both Automatics (CVT) 1 with leather 1 without. Both with the 1.2 ltr 3 cylinder motor. The 2013 now has 101,890 miles. Changed the oil every 10,000 miles and just did the timing belt and spark plugs. The 2014 now has 12,000 miles and just had it’s first old change and service $35 Service has been wonderful, not any problems with either and service always spot on. Rear leg room is more than the BMW 3 and 5 series. as well as Civic and Camary. I know before years end I will have the new one with the GPS. Oh, and did I mention the 1.2 is rated at 47 mpg But I have gotten as much as 62 mpg Say what you will. I will happily go coast to coast any day of the week and back again, Oh wait, I do !