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 |  Apr 29 2014, 10:33 AM

1. Sweet Rally Car Melody


The sound of the WRX STI has always been an acquired taste. While some people love the off-beat boxer engine’s rumble, others find it sounds agricultural – like a John Deere on steroids. For 2015, Subaru hopes to win over disbelievers. Aside from a revised exhaust system that is tuned to be slightly louder and more pleasant, the front of the Subaru now adds to the mechanical symphony.

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Thanks to the addition of a sound tube, direct engine noise is fed into the cabin. Aside from a hearty engine growl under hard acceleration, the turbocharger spooling and dumping boost is clearly audible while you play with the throttle. The overall sound level is greater than we expected but by no means too loud or intrusive. It just adds a little more fun to a far more engaging car.

  • danwat1234

    They should have a quiet mode where the exhaust muffler system has a solenoid that will shunt the exhaust through quiet mufflers when you want it quiet. So if you want to sneak into the neighborhood or out of the neighborhood late at night you don’t wake everybody up even if you barely press on the gas at all.
    Being loud all the time isn’t good.

    Also the MPG, why can’t it get decent MPG if you stay out of the boost by being real light with the throttle? Auto start stop would be nice with a button to disable it of course

  • Richard Joash Tan

    and you are a bullshit

  • danwat1234

    What if you are trying to sneak away from the police? A loud exhaust doesn’t help with that one bit

  • Dominic Brissette

    It’s a shame that the 2.5 EJ engine is still really unreliable (many people having to get a new engine after 75,000 KM only.. most of the times it has to do with the head gaskets

  • boostedej257