Audi A3 Named 2014 World Car of the Year

Audi A3 Named 2014 World Car of the Year

Audi can chalk another one in the win column today because the A3 was just named the 2014 World Car of the Year.

The generation of A3 that won the award today at the 2014 New York Auto Show is one of several cars based on Volkswagen’s MQB architecture. Previously, it was thought that Audi planned to field the newest version of the A3 in North America exclusively as a sedan rather than a hatchback as it was previously sold.

But perception and reality are two different things and Audi announced yesterday that it will also offer a hatchback version here with a diesel of all things.

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The stylish front-wheel drive based German luxury car beat a longer-than-usual list of cars this year for the overall title. Normally, the World Car of the Year Award short list is limited to 10 vehicles, but for 2014 a tie game left 12 in the running.

Among them, BMW’s new 4 Series and i3 stood as contenders as did the new Cadillac CTS. Ford’s Fusion could have been the winner, but it isn’t and the same can be said about the bohemian Infiniti Q50 to name a few.Discuss this story at our Audi A3 forum

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