Audi TT-Based Crossover Teased for Beijing Auto Show

Audi TT-Based Crossover Teased for Beijing Auto Show

Audi thinks that a high-riding utilitarian vehicle leaning heavily on the TT nameplate is a good idea.

The company released three teaser images of a crossover concept that borrows heavily from the TT’s styling ahead of the 2014 Beijing Auto Show. Details about the sporty-looking concept haven’t been released, but the company already said it is considering other vehicle types that would branch off of the TT.


During the Detroit Auto Show in January, Audi unveiled its Allroad Shooting Brake concept as a preview of the 2015 TT that it later unveiled in Geneva. That concept is powered by a hybrid drivetrain using a 2.0-liter tubocharged four-cylinder engine. At the time, Audi said the system made 408 hp and could carry the car from 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds.


The concept being teased here has four bucket seats and borrows its dashboard from the 2015 TT. Expect more details to emerge leading up to the show on April 20.

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