April Fools! A Roundup of Automaker’s Jokes

April Fools! A Roundup of Automaker’s Jokes

April fools day is all about trickery and deceit, and just about every automaker chimed in today with their own clever jokes. 

Tesla: Pets Driving Cars

Tesla is taking the reigns on self-driving cars, but the company doesn’t trust computers to pilot cars, and is turning to pets. Based on YouTube videos and other research, Goldfish seem to be the best car pilots over dogs and cats, and will control every Tesla Model S in the future.

Toyota: Bringing Back an Iconic Model


Toyota has announced that it is bringing back a classic! That probably brings to mind a new Supra, but no, the Japanese automaker is bringing back the famous, 4-cylinder powered Tercel. A new sketch showing off a modern Tercel was released today by Toyota, with the promise that a new version is on its way.

Alongside the Tercel, an all-new Neon green Corolla is on its way. Usually a car that does well at blending in, Toyota wants Corolla drivers to get noticed, and neon green paint is the way to do it.

BMW: Making Driving Slow Feel Fast

Over at BMW, the German brand is introducing a new force injection booster in each of its cars that will replicate G-forces in the cabin at speeds under 20 mph. That means even at slow speeds, the occupants will consistently feel like they are whipping BMW-force-injectionaround a race track. And to make sure that customers don’t get out of the car with a wind swept look, BMW is installing its AirNet system to keep hair in its place.

Honda: Build Your Own Fit

Honda is introducing a revolutionary new ‘Fit Kit,’ which gives anybody the chance to build there own Fit. Simply order the Fit kit, and the car will arrive (in many, many boxes) straight to your doorstep! All you have to do is assemble it, and of course sign a liability waiver to make sure Honda doesn’t get sued when your homemade Fit’s wheels fall off.

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Hyundai: Veloster Pickup

It’s long been rumored that Hyundai would take on the Big 3 in the pickup truck wars in North America, and what better day to announce the new Veloster Pickup than April 1st?

Nissan: Limo-Z

Looking for a fast night out on the town? Nissan introduced its Limo-Z today.

RedBull: Racing and Tweeting


RedBull Racing announced an advanced new steering wheel for its Formula 1 cars that will debut in Bahrain, allowing drivers to tweet during the race.


Meanwhile Mazda announced an MX-5 that was fun for four.


Wrapped up in World Cup fever, European brand Vauxhall announced a new version of its Astra model, the Copacabana, featuring a very eco interior.

Acura: Celebrating 28 Years of Luxury Dominance

Of course, there is also a new Mini that runs on Tea, a new Peugeot with a customizable car horn, and a beach themed Opel complete with sand inside.

While many days in the auto industry are no laughing matter, its always good to see that some of the largest car companies still have a sense of humor.