BMW i3 Gets Production Boost Before US Launch

BMW i3 Gets Production Boost Before US Launch

Electric cars are spreading throughout the industry, and one German automaker is ramping up production to make sure it can meet demand. 

BMW has announced that it is boosting i3 electric-car production up to 100 units per day, just ahead of the car’s launch in the American market this month. “The United States will be the biggest market for the i3. Because of this, we have started raising production levels and are currently at around 100 cars a day,” Harold Krueger, a BMW board member told Automotive News.

Previously, BMW was building roughly 70 units a day, and has produced about 5,000 units in total. The brand has already announced that 11,000 pre-orders have been received for the compact car globally, which will cost $41,350 in the United States. BMW is targeting 10,000 sales in 2014.

[Source: Automotive News]

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