Chrysler 300 vs. Chevrolet SS vs. Cadillac CTS


In the process of coming up with these three vehicle recommendations we thought of a couple other suggestions Jake might be interested in; fortunately we quickly came to our senses and jettisoned them. First was the Audi A6. How exciting! Well, don’t get all hot and bothered because a model that’s reasonably priced features front-wheel drive and a CVT. That sounds about as much fun as a broken nose. And then in a moment of complete insanity we pondered the Lincoln MKS, after all it can be had with a powerful EcoBoost V6 and all-wheel drive. But then we remembered it’s an MKS, the laughing stock of the luxury market.

As always, good luck in your quest for a new family vehicle, Jake, and thanks again for taking the time to Ask AutoGuide.

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  • Nick Dasko

    Chrysler doesn’t understand luxury. The 300 doesn’t even have one touch up-down windows, something that’s on my Mk5 GTI.

    If you want a luxurious rwd sedan get the Cadillac. If you prize power go for the Chevy, if you want both get a last year CTS-V.

  • Joe Kaminski

    The Chrysler does have one touch up and down.

  • Joe Kaminski

    I vote Chrysler, but I would save a little coin and ditch the Varvatos package. You can get a fully loaded V6 300C for $43,600 sticker price. The car is insanely comfortable to drive, and Chrysler’s infotainment system is probably the best out there. And judging from the almost 45000 problem free miles I’ve racked up on my 2012 Charger I’m gonna say that it seems Chrysler has gotten their quality problems taken care of.

  • Eric James

    Does one touch windows keep your VW out of service?

  • Nick Dasko

    Just in the front, not in the back. It’s the little touches.