Sinkhole-Damaged Corvette Display may be Permanent

Sinkhole-Damaged Corvette Display may be Permanent

GM and the National Corvette Museum will meet next month to discuss which of eight Corvettes that were damaged in a sinkhole should be repaired.

The original plan was for GM to restore all eight Chevy Corvettes, but the damage on some of the cars is extensive. That combined with a request from enthusiasts to keep the cars in their current state is making GM and the museum consider leaving some of the cars alone, and simply keeping them as a special display. They are even considering keeping a section of the sinkhole unfixed, to include it in the display.

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Currently, the National Corvette Museum has all of the damaged cars on display and will keep them there throughout the summer, but the future of the cars is unknown. When asked what GM’s plans are, GM spokesman Monte Doran said, “That’s something that we need to discuss further with the museum.”

A team from GM will be brought in to assess the cars and evaluate the easiest way to fix them. Similarly, the museum has already brought in a team of architects and geologists to study the sinkhole and devise a plan to fix the floor.

[Source: Automotive News]

Photo Source: National Corvette Museum

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