Detroit Electric to Build SP:01 Sports Car in Holland

Detroit Electric to Build SP:01 Sports Car in Holland

A new boutique electric sports car maker has finally revealed its plans for production after numerous delays. 

The company is named Detroit Electric, and it has revealed that it will build its $135,000 limited-edition SP:01 sports car at a factory in Holland. Originally, the company planned to find a production facility somewhere in the Detroit area, but high costs and supply constraints make Holland a more viable choice.

However, the company’s headquarters will remain in Detroit.

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The SP:01 is based on the Lotus Elise and uses an electric powertrain that takes the car from 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds and offers a 155 mph top speed. A production run of 999 vehicles vehicles were supposed to enter production before the end of 2013, but that didn’t come to fruition because Detroit Electric couldn’t find a facility.

“Supply chain logistics have dictated that the assembly operations for the limited production run of that vehicle have currently to be located just in Europe,” a PR representative told the Detroit News.

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[Source: Detroit News]