Ferrari LaFerrari XX Rumored to Lap ‘Ring’ in 6:35

Ferrari LaFerrari XX Rumored to Lap ‘Ring’ in 6:35

Ferrari is out to set a few records with its LaFerrari XX, and it appears the Italian automaker is well on its way.

The track-only exotic is rumored to have run a Nurburgring lap time of 6:35, making it the fastest production-based vehicle to ever lap the famous track. Unfortunately, since the LaFerrari XX is being designed as a track-only vehicle with slicks, it won’t be able to challenge the street car record. Currently the Porsche 918 Spyder has the crown with a lap time of 6:57, but the McLaren P1 has been rumored to be faster, though the British automaker has only officially announced that it has done it in under seven minutes.

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For comparison’s sake, the Enzo FXX (a track-only version of the Enzo) managed a best of 6:58, a solid 20+ seconds slower than the rumored LaFerrari XX’s time.

The 6:35 time hasn’t been made official yet, but if the LaFerrari XX has indeed completed such a fast lap, don’t expect it to be long before Ferrari makes an announcement. The 6:35 still isn’t the fastest lap time ever done at Nurburgring though, as Porsche’s 956 holds that record when Stefan Bollef turned in a 6:11 during the race in 1983.

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  • Rickers

    I call BS.

  • J Mac

    Video proof! Where is it?

  • Forza Ferrari

    Great news! Ferrari is whipping everybody’s butt again in the car world, as usual.