Fisker Karma Could Return in 2015

Fisker Karma Could Return in 2015

Under its new Chinese owner, Fisker might be back to selling its plug-in hybrid luxury sedans by next year.

The company plans to resume selling its high-priced luxury sedan, which will be followed by a station-wagon version called the Surf in 2016. Once both of those products are out, the company might launch the long-discussed and lower cost Atlantic, Fisker President Roger Brown told the Detroit News.

Before that can happen, the company needs to overcome several hurdles. It isn’t clear if the vehicles will be built in a plant Fisker owns in Delaware or somewhere else. Brown says Fisker will also need to hire roughly 200 people to get the company up and running again.

Last week, a tentative settlement shifted ownership of Fisker from Chinese billionaire Richard Lee to auto parts manufacturer Wanxiang.

Fisker stopped producing cars in 2012 to save cash. The batteries used to produce the Karma proved to be problematic and directed negative media attention to the company. Those batteries came from Michigan-based A123 Systems, a company also acquired by Wanxiang.

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[Source: Detroit News]