Ford SUVs Might be Next With Aluminum Bodies

Ford SUVs Might be Next With Aluminum Bodies

The Ford F-150 might not be the only vehicle in the American automaker’s lineup to make generous use of aluminum.

The company is so pleased with the weight savings as a result of aluminum usage on its pickup that the next-generation Explorer and Expedition are both under consideration for the same treatment. The SUVs are both important models to Ford’s lineup, and saving weight on both of them in order to improve fuel economy is pivotal to their success in the future.

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As a result, both models are candidates for aluminum use, which helped cut the F-150’s weight by 700 lbs compared to the 2014 model. Aluminum is more expensive than traditional steel, but Ford believes its benefits are worth the extra amount, though it remains to be seen how the automaker’s first mass-production aluminum vehicle will be received with the general public. Regardless, Ford is hoping to improve fuel economy on both the Explorer and Expedition. Once the 2015 F-150 goes on sale, it will serve as a measuring stick for Ford in deciding whether or not to make the move. That decision isn’t likely to bring such a product until after another five or six years.

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