GM Asks Employees to ‘Speak Up’ on Safety Issues

GM Asks Employees to ‘Speak Up’ on Safety Issues

GM’s ongoing ignition switch scandal has left it with more than a bit of egg on the face; try an entire omelet.

As the investigation continues, two engineers have been placed on paid leave because of their connection to the recall, but that’s not all the company’s doing to address safety.

CEO Mary Barra said they’re creating an internal program called “Speak Up for Safety” that allows employees to contribute ideas that can improve vehicle safety. She said “GM must embrace a culture where safety and quality come first,” adding “GM employees should raise safety concerns quickly and forcefully, and be recognized for doing so.” Sounds logical.

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The initiative is designed to help foster a “safety first” culture by eliminating real and perceived barriers to voicing concerns. But talk is cheap; Barra pointed out that it needs to be backed up with action and people need to be held accountable. GM’s Global Vehicle Safety Group will be responsible for following up on these sort issues.

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