Honda’s ASIMO Robot to Help Develop Self-Driving Cars

Honda’s ASIMO Robot to Help Develop Self-Driving Cars

The Honda ASIMO robot is more than a novelty project. In fact, it could dramatically change the way we drive.

The company is hoping to use the technology from researching and developing ASIMO for a leg up in the race towards autonomous vehicles. At the 2014 New York Auto Show, Honda showcased the latest version of ASIMO where it “spoke” with U.S. President Barack Obama in English, ran, jumped and even kicked a soccer ball.

“Cars until now have had only rudimentary recognition and judgment abilities. The strength of robots is they can work out really sophisticated reactions,” said Honda engineer Hiroshi Kawagishi. “If we can apply this kind of sophistication on cars, we could come up with something completely different.”

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For 30 years, Honda has been working on developing the ASIMO, which can now process images, recognizing voices and has artificial intelligence. The company believes it can apply much of the knowledge to driverless cars, a technology that many automakers worldwide are competing towards. Though Honda believes its ASIMO technology is more advanced than others, the challenge now is to make it as accurate as it can be, along with the capability of processing five or six different factors around the car.

[Source: Automotive News]

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