Jeep Teases 2014 Moab Easter Safari Concepts

Jeep Teases 2014 Moab Easter Safari Concepts

Every year, Jeep rolls out new imaginative concepts to pique the interests of fans everywhere, and this year is no exception. 


Jeep has released teaser photos for two of the six concepts that it will display at this year’s Moab Easter Jeep Safari, taking place in Moab, Utah, from April 12-20. It is a massive gathering of Jeep enthusiasts, so Jeep takes the chance to show off new interesting ideas to its fans.

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The teaser photo seen above is the Jeep Wrangler MOJO Concept, while the picture to the right features the Jeep Cherokee Dakar. At last year’s Moab Easter rally, Jeep showed off lightweight versions of the Wrangler along with more off-road focused variants of the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.

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  • Vojt Barys

    Not sure why Jeep doesn’t release more of these concepts, they keep creating them but not releasing them.

  • Rickers

    Damn right. They keep teasing us with awesome concepts, but NO real vehicles… except crappy little things like the Renegade and Cherokee.

  • Vojt Barys

    Lol. Mopar has always put out nice concepts, and it seems the consumer is ready to purchase it. They should at least offer the components so you can convert your own vehicle.

  • kulio

    These concept vehicles rarely end up on the market…they’re not meant to. They are test platforms for features and styles. This is where you see the colors for the 2016s, etc…be honest – who would buy the stitch concept from last year?

  • Dirty

    First time I considered getting a new jeep since 2006 was the Stitch

  • This article is about as weak as our current president.
    2 crappy pics , and zero information.
    Bravo on perhaps the worst internet JEEP Concept/Moab story I’ve seen to date.

  • Contagious

    I would buy the Mighty FC in a heartbeat. Now sell it to me!

  • Brad

    Tease, tease, tease…all flash, no bang. Bring out the damn FC for public consumption for crissakes! Agree with ‘the internet’, Vojt, and Rickers below…!

  • Lacey L

    I work in the motorsports division of my company, and am able to sell and build up genuine Dana components for vehicle conversion. Look up EmWest Motorsports.

  • roadtalker

    the prez of this country and his EPA cohorts are changing fuel and weight to power requirements all the time….so Jeep is not as serious to put out a product that won’t sell long and not get it’s ROI……better to build your own anyway!

  • JoeKlip

    Do you think Jeep Wrangler is going the way of Harley Davidson motorcycle. They just splash on some new paint, a new bumper, give it an edgy name and call it concept vehicle. Come on. We are not that stupid. Also, some of the pro modified vehicles even look cooler than the concept Wrangler from Jeep.

  • Jeepguy

    I have a concept for them…The new Jeep Cherokee with solid Dana 60 axles underneath and a 426 Hemi under the hood.

  • middleclassbeingdestroyed

    i have a comment to anyone who wants to sell products in america:

    what are you doing to help fix the political problems and economic problems in this country?
    because who do you think you’re going to get anything sold to if this continues to collapse as it’s doing? there won’t be any buyers left.

    since 2009 my economic situation went from upper middle class down to low middle class all due to economic and political problems; and 24/7 i’m under threat of my life itself being cut short by some swat team raid simply because i’m a patriot who posts publicly and does not hide from tyranny. once they kill me, i won’t be around to pay them taxes, or buy your jeeps.

    i’m hardly alone in this. if you want your company to continue to survive, you will have to make this nation survive; it currently is running on fumes not liquid gasoline. don’t spend all your time trying to figure out what can make people buy your newest jeep; soon there won’t be any buyers, all the patriots will be dead, and all your wimpy buyers will be in fema camps.

    call this post nutbaggery, and guarantee your demise.

    look at the Cliven Bundy ranch situation as just one example.

  • muddeep

    This is about jeeps not your economically challenged life that fourm is on a different web site so find it

  • headintomontana

    you didn’t even read what he said, dislike the hard truth all you want – doesn’t make it not true;
    you too won’t be around buying jeeps in your future and you are helping to bring about your own demise, his just came sooner but yours is guaranteed due to your ignoring of this.

    i think your userid is really takesitupdirtroads or mudpackeripacksmuddeeeep, yep, you do.

  • Cali son bound for Idaho

    Hey look at what they are doing! You will be able to buy a FIAT badged as a Jeep and probably made in China. Life will be good as you live in government stack-n-pack housing and if your a real good little Jimmie, you’ll be able to rent the Jeep at a car share place owned by the offspring of some political party member for a weekend once a year. Just sit down and watch some more TV and take your medicine….all is well!