Exotic Cars Are Less Attractive to Women than You Think: Survey

Exotic Cars Are Less Attractive to Women than You Think: Survey

Attention dudes: if you think it takes a supercar to impress the ladies think again. That six-figure exotic you just bought might be sending a totally different message to women.

Instead of “I’m young, virile and rich” that Lamborghini may be broadcasting something more like “Help! I’m drowning in anxiety and mommy never loved me.” Also, your bald spot is showing and no matter how hard you try to suck it in that gut of yours isn’t going anywhere.

A survey conducted by AnastasiaDate and Harris Poll revealed an eye-opening statistic. Something like 56 percent of women think dudes that drive exotic cars are showoffs. But even more interesting than that, 17 percent of ladies thought these guys were insecure.

What does this mean? Well, you could argue that there is in fact hope for geology majors that are stuck with hand-me-down Corollas. Maybe all of the attention preppy, supercar-driving dandy-boys receive isn’t positive.

Beyond these figures 32 percent of women reported that a guy’s car indicates what kind of family man he may be. Additionally, coupes are not as attractive as dudes think because 16 percent of ladies said they were actually a turn-off.

But it gets better (for normal people and worse for the supercar crowd). Only 10 percent of female respondents indicated they’d date a man they were NOT attracted to simply because he drove an exotic automobile. This means a fancy car is no guarantee of additional attention (or extra-marital relations).

Men were polled as well but the findings were not nearly as interesting. However it is worth noting that one area where both sexes agreed had to do with manual transmissions. Forty-two percent of women and 48 percent of men reported that the ability to shift your own gears is a major plus.

Additionally, comments like “If you’re impressed by my Lotus wait until you see my [REDACTED],” and “What you’re looking at here is a full 12 inches. Have you ever seen tires that wide?” are equally unappealing, but this statistic was not shared in the study because we just made it up.

This survey was conducted late last month and included responses from 2,167 individuals aged 18 or older.

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[Source: Motor Trend]

  • smartacus

    exotics are A-LOT-MORE attractive to women than you think


  • smartacus


  • smartacus

    Oh yes they do.

  • Jeff T

    Chick’s dig the clutch pedal! Coupes let a girl know kids aren’t on the priority list. Surprised only 16% turn the other way.

  • S

    Why would a coupe instantly mean that kids aren’t on the priority list? I know several people who have kids and drive exotics / high end coupes. For these people, their kids and family are of utmost importance. Perhaps it’s more of an issue with the social class of the girl.

  • Jeff T

    It was a joke. Feel free to laugh and not take it personally. Not many coupes are friendly for kids but of course you can find one that is usable and buy that.

  • DickChanei

    Nice justification POOR FUCKERS!