Lexus F Ad Hints at What the F Really Stands For

Lexus F Ad Hints at What the F Really Stands For

Do you want to know what the “F” in Lexus F stands for?

The Japanese automaker has been making a push in bringing its F sub-brand to the spotlight, much like how BMW has had success with its M line. So far the Lexus F models haven’t quite caught on, but the brand is hoping to change that image.

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The company has released a new video showcasing what the other side of Lexus is; a side that’s more about sport than luxury while offering “lustworthy driving experiences.” Showcased in the video, along with a heated makeout session in the rain and a hint at a threesome, is the all-new RC F coupe along with the LFA exotic, IS and GS F Sport variants.

Watch the clip below and tell us what you think the F is for.

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GALLERY: Lexus RC F Coupe Live Shots


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  • TedZchicago

    The car model is missing the letter U…as in “F—-d Up”! Although practically every car ad (except those for minivans) literally put men in the driver’s seat while reducing women to sexualized objects, this is perhaps the worst one. Having the guy wrap his arm around his date like she’s a trophy as the voiceover intones “pride”?