Mazda Recalls 88,000 Cars Globally for ECU Tweak

Mazda Recalls 88,000 Cars Globally for ECU Tweak

Mazda’s fuel-saving i-ELOOP technology is causing trouble and needs to be tweaked so the company is calling back vehicles outfitted with it. 

Only vehicles equipped with i-ELOOP are affected by the campaign, which spans about 88,000 globally. Within the U.S., there are only 6,500 that need to be fixed. The recall affects the Mazda6, Mazda3 and CX-5

Using a capacitor, i-ELOOP stores kinetic energy through regenerative braking and uses it to power items including the headlights and climate control system rather than relying on an alternator. It reduces drag on the engine and offers improved fuel economy. But there’s a problem with the computer program that monitors whether or not the regenerative system is working. It affects acceleration and can cause the engine to stall.

Mazda will address the flaw with an ECU flash through its dealer network. There haven’t been any reports of injuries related to the problem.

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[Source: Economic Times]

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