Mazda6 Recalled for Possible Power Loss in Heavy Rain

Mazda6 Recalled for Possible Power Loss in Heavy Rain

A new recall campaign will see 5,700 Mazda6 sedans ranging from the 2014 and 2015 model years brought back to dealers for service.

Models equipped with the brand’s i-Eloop regenerative braking system might lose power while driving in heavy rain or through big puddles.┬áDocuments released by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Administration show that the alternator belt can slip while driving in those conditions. If that happens, the car’s Power Control Module will incorrectly assume that the charging system is failing.

That can cause the cars to have weaker acceleration, loss of power steering assistance and windshield wiper function. The engine might also stall.

Mazda will be able to fix the issue by re-programming the module. Owners with affected vehicles can expect to be contacted by Mazda very soon. The campaign is slated to start late this month.

The i-Eloop system is meant to offer marginally improved fuel efficiency and according to EPA ratings, is able to offer an average improvement of two mpg. On average, models equipped with the regenerative braking system are supposed to return 32 mpg compared to 30 with the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, automatic transmission and without regenerative brakes.

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