McLaren 650S Getting More Potent Version: Report

McLaren 650S Getting More Potent Version: Report

Track focused versions of cars are all over the automotive landscape, and it appears a new one is coming for a car that dominates the track as is. 

The folks at McLaren are dreaming up a more potent version of the 650S that will be put together specifically to get out on the race track. With the 650S, “This is not as far as we’re going to go – there’s plenty more we can do,” chief development driver Chris Goodwin told AutoExpress. 

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The current car uses a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 to pump out 641 hp, which is more than enough power for a race car. The improvements are likely to include weight savings, and the addition of active aerodynamics like those found on the P1 flagship. The upgraded car will probably cost about £25,000 (about $41,000) over the base 650S.

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[Source: Auto Express]

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