McLaren Bespoke Program Makes 650S Even Hotter

McLaren Bespoke Program Makes 650S Even Hotter

If McLaren’s 650S supercar didn’t already have enough sex appeal, the brand’s bespoke program has added some new sinister style.

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has revealed the 650S Coupe Concept before taking the car on a tour throughout China. It showcases a host of new parts and add-ons which will be available to order through MSO, for both the 650S Coupe, 650S Spyder and the previous 12C model.

This car is finished in Agrigan Black and includes a deep ruby red metallic flake which is said to give the car a dramatic color change when hit with direct sunlight. Carbon fiber pieces are fitted all over the car, enhancing aerodynamics and cutting down on weight. Longer side blades, a new rear diffuser and a section of the GT3-style bumper are all made of the lightweight material. Additionally, the engine bay has been fitted with a satin black engine cover.

On the inside, the driver and passenger will be supported by fixed-back carbon fiber seats wrapped in leather. Once again, carbon fiber finished in satin is used throughout the cabin for style and weight savings, contrasting gloss black bezels and switch gear.

As of right now, the car is a one-off design study, but the carbon fiber side blades and rear diffuser it sports are already available for purchase. McLaren will monitor consumer reaction on the car’s tour and will use that for a decision on production.

GALLERY: McLaren 650S Coupe Concept

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