Mercedes, Aston Martin Partnership Won’t Extend Past Engines… For Now

Mercedes, Aston Martin Partnership Won’t Extend Past Engines… For Now

Rumors of Mercedes-Benz buying out Aston Martin or even sharing platforms can be put to rest, for now.

In a recent interview, AMG head Tobias Moers shared more details about the partnership between both automakers, stating that currently it doesn’t extend beyond sharing engines. Moers summed up the partnership by elaborating that AMG is a supplier and is busy enough with its own stuff to be thinking too much about buying Aston Martin. In fact, the work that’s involved for Aston Martin to integrate the engines into the British automaker’s models is more than enough work for the company, to the point that “no one  has the time to discuss any more involvement than that for now.”

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According to Moers, Aston Martin will be occupied for the next two to three years simply on the engines, to the point that platform sharing isn’t even on the table at the moment for either automaker. As for AMG, it’s busy enough working on the new AMG GT, which will launch later this year.

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