MINI Driving App Follows You Out of the Car on Foot

MINI Driving App Follows You Out of the Car on Foot

MINI wants you to have “a friend with many benefits” while you’re on the road.

The British automaker just announced a new companion app that is part of the MINI Connected suite called XL Journey Mate. The XL Journey Mate not only helps the driver navigate, but also offers individually tailored information on the road, adapted to suit the current driving situation helping make every trip safer, more comfortable and more exciting. In addition, the system recognizes the driver’s preferred route and will remind them when it is time to refuel. It also sends messages about upcoming appointments or planned telephone calls, reports traffic in real time, helps find parking spaces and directs the driver on foot to the final destination.

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The MINI Connected XL Journey Mate is available for the new MINI models from April 2014 and in order to use it, the vehicle must be equipped with the Wired package, which includes the navigation system. To take advantage of the app, users need an iPhone. Once the smartphone is connected to the vehicle, the XL Journey Mate will take over guiding the driver to the nearest gas station when necessary while suggesting possibilities for parking near the destination.

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