Fan-Designed MINI Cooper Coming to NY Auto Show

Fan-Designed MINI Cooper Coming to NY Auto Show

Alex Coyle’s “DeLux” MINI Hardtop will become a reality at this year’s New York Auto Show.

The “DeLux” MINI is Coyle’s “MINI Originals” design as part of the larger “Final Test Test Drives” contest meant to support the launch of the new MINI. Her black light-influenced MINI was voted to the top by the MINI community over nine other design packages. According to the British automaker, up to 56 MINI Hardtops can be had with Coyle’s “DeLux” package through 2014.

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Over 800 submissions were sent in for the Final Test Test Drives contest with nine winners and a fan favorite voted on by the MINI community to be brought to life by MINI and captured on video. Those ten winners then had a chance to work with an illustrator to create their very own unique MINI design and options package.

“‘Lux’ is the root meaning of ‘light,'” explains Coyle. “After I went through all the options I had available to customize the car I went for all the bells and whistles and created what I call a ‘Deluxe’ model. The result was ‘DeLux'”.

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