New Chevrolet Volt to Offer Shorter Electric Range

New Chevrolet Volt to Offer Shorter Electric Range

Chevrolet is expected to diversify its Volt nameplate with a successor to the current car along with an electric-only variant with a shorter driving range. 

According to a report by the Detroit News, General Motors is expected to announced a plan to expand its Detroit Hamtramck plant. That will allow the company to offer the next version of the Volt alongside a less expensive electric-only version of the car.

Currently, the Volt is able to drive up to 38 miles without using gasoline although the upcoming version will be able to travel a greater electric-only distance. Volt sales are poor compared to General Motors original 60,000 unit annual target. Last year, the company managed to sell a little more than a third of that figure.

Chevrolet was also prompted to lower the price on its range-extended hatchback after Nissan stole a bigger chunk of the market by discounting the all-electric Leaf starting in 2013. Chevrolet has not officially confirmed its plan to split the Volt nameplate, but doing so could bolster its position in the market for alternative fuel vehicles.

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[Source: Detroit News]

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    Get your headline fixed.

  • PLUG1N

    Read your article! It states a shorter total range, but a longer electrical range than the original Volt. Remember, the Volt has two ranges, electric and gas. 38 electrical miles and 300+ on gas. Obviously the electric only variant of the Volt will not have a 330+ EV range, hence the shorter total range.