Next Maxima to Closely Resemble Sport Sedan Concept

Next Maxima to Closely Resemble Sport Sedan Concept

The next Nissan Maxima will have styling very close to the wild-looking Sport Sedan Concept preview first seen at the Detroit Auto Show.

Last week, Nissan revealed the 2015 Murano, which also closely followed styling cues from its concept preview: the Resonance Concept. The biggest surprise when Nissan debuted the 2015 Murano was how little the production version differed from the concept. After all, it will arrive with the same 3.5-liter V6, CVT combo as the current vehicle uses.

Nissan-Resonance-Concept-06 2015-Nissan-Murano-9According to 4WheelsNews, Nissan North America chairman Jose Munoz said the Maxima’s styling will closely follow the Sport Sedan Concept when it arrives. If it mimics the same degree of change as was the case with the Murano, the “boomerang” headlights will be adapted to house HIDs and the grille will maintain similar lines but with less pronunciation than the concept car.

The Sport Sedan Concept uses a 3.5-liter V6 that Nissan said would put out over 300 hp, which is well within the output current VQ family V6 engines from the company claim. That power will be routed through a CVT to the front wheels.

Nissan previewed a premium direction for the next Maxima with the sport sedan concept. Again, that makes sense considering the fact that Nissan is positioning the Murano as a premium product in its stable. For example, the smaller Rogue and larger Pathfiner also use CVTs to save fuel but offer a third row of seating, but the Murano sticks to five seatbelts.

GALLERY: Nissan Sport Sedan Concept


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[Source: 4WheelsNews]