Next VW Beetle to Birth Line of Retro-Inspired Vehicles

Next VW Beetle to Birth Line of Retro-Inspired Vehicles

Volkswagen is considering building an MPV that would pay homage to its original bus along with a higher-riding crossover version of the Beetle.

The brand’s emphasis on common architectures will mean that offering derivative models will be easier than ever before and news of Volkswagen Group’s plan to cash in on the strategy is becoming especially common. For example, Audi is planning variants of its TT sports car for the same reason.

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But a report from Germany’s Autobild suggests that production versions of the Dune concept and another vehicle that would pay tribute to the classic VW bus are under consideration. That vehicle will be inspired by the Bulli microbus concept (pictured).

Currently, the Beetle is built on VW’s A5 platform, but it will migrate to MQB in its next generation. The current generation entered production in 2011 and still has a long cycle to run through before the nameplate will shift to MQB with the next generation expected sometime in 2019.

GALLERY: Volkswagen Bulli Concept


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[Source: Autobild]

  • Russell

    Make me a Camper Van! There are a lot of us out here who would love to have a Brand New VW Camper!!!

  • alexisshemale

    Yes Russell Camper Van…bring it back!

  • DugB

    I’d be all over a retro-styled Transporter remake, but not the one they currently have…it looks like a Scion XB given the VW styling treatment. How about something with minivan carrying capacity but without the minivan look. I drive a Westy every day and love the “cab-over” feel…too bad nobody makes a similar van (the design is all over the place in the box truck market).