Ram Pickup Outsells Chevy Silverado in March

Ram Pickup Outsells Chevy Silverado in March

Upsets happen in sports all the time, but today’s upset isn’t from the basketball court, it is from March 2014 truck sales. 

The Ram 1500 outsold the Chevrolet Silverado for the first time since August 1999, back when Ram trucks were sold under the Dodge brand. That makes the Ram 1500 the second-best selling truck in the segment, a title that has been held by the Silverado for over a decade.

Year-over-year, the Ram saw a 26 percent increase, which is the best in the whole segment, although every truck saw gains last month.

Ram moved 42,532 trucks, while the Silverado narrowly missed the mark, selling just 42,247. Both trucks had incentives on them last month, though a GM spokeman told Automotive News that “it’s really easy to deeply discount your truck, mine the subprime market and offer cheap lease deals to buy market share.”

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It seems however that the products are the real story here, with the Ram 1500 receiving tons of praise recently, even winning the 2014 AutoGuide truck of the year. On the other hand, GM has already had two recalls on the Silverado, and the launch of these trucks has been the first time GM has lost market share after launching a new truck.

Like always, Ford retains its sales lead with the F-150, moving 70,940 trucks last month.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • oknahs

    Ram will win big when the new Ford 150 sits on dealer lots since the demographic buyer are mostly red necks thinking steel vs aluminum would be too easily dented. I can see Ford making huge incentives as the truck sits. Ford threw the dice and it come out 1’s.

  • Rickers

    And it certainly doesn’t help that the new F-150 is butt ugly

  • Hooter

    dodge ram is more dependable than a chevy not hard to sell once people learn that Dodge Ram is better than a chevy