You Can Now Order a Murdered-Out Ram Heavy Duty from the Factory

You Can Now Order a Murdered-Out Ram Heavy Duty from the Factory

The Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty pickups can now be had with the more aggressive Black package.

The popularity of the Ram 1500 Black Express package has inspired the American automaker to offer it on its Heavy Duty lineup, giving the Ram 2500 and 3500 an all-black exterior with 20-inch black wheels, fog lights, black grille surround with black horizontal inserts. Completing the look are color-matched front and rear bumpers and head badges on the grille and tailgate.

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The Black package won’t just add aesthetics to the Heavy Duty pickups, but also comes with halogen projector headlights with black bezels, LED lighting, black finishes on the tail lights, Parkview and Parksense.

The optional package is available in Ram 2500 and 3500 SRW, Crew Cab and Mega Cab, Big Horn/Lone Star and Laramie models with choice of two- or four-wheel drive. The Ram Heavy Duty Black will start from $43,335 including destination and is currently open for orders.

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  • One Less Car

    Disgusting – how many child & bicyclist decals come with it to stick on the drivers door?

  • Wayne Wilkie

    12, you can purchase extras from Mopar! LOL,

  • Gabe7g

    One less car, you are a dumb ass, that is all.

  • todd

    Murdered out? Who is the ad genius that came up with that? Ford all the way now.

  • Tim Rooney

    after a guy dies for his black dodge , from the kijiji murder… really poor name for a dodge truck package .. just bought a jeep but if this is how Chrysler is planning on marketing , they can stuff it ….

  • Jomama

    Dude, murdered is NOT something that Dodge came up with!
    Murdered has been used to described all blacked out vehicles for a very long to.
    It’s called the murder look.

  • Duh You

    Calm down, its called “Ram Heavy Duty Black”. People just need to read a bit.

  • jp

    you really are an idiot.

  • Rotary fan

    What kijiji murder? What are you talking about?

  • iamsuperdan

    Umm…why is this news? This package has been available in Canada since November. I’ve leased out three already and have a fourth in transit to me right now.

    I’m cracking up at the outrage over “murdered.” Is this seriously what people are like down there? Good grief.

  • Mack Rhoades

    The term “Murdered Out” came about during the “Age of Heavy Metal” during the 1950’s and was any rig decked out in black…. sometimes chopped or cropped… my first time hearing it was during the “Beach” movies of the 1960’s

  • r8rhog

    yes, my 2010 R/T Challenger is completely BLACKED OUT. shortly after i got it home one of my friends said “dude it looks hella kewl MURDERED OUT” that was 4 years ago so i dont think that phrase comes ANYWHERE from dodge ITS a SLANG PHRASE! now carry on dummys!

  • Ron James

    For the MoPar fans …… realize that the idiotic comments in this thread are from the Ford/Chevy trolls who have never owned a MoPar and likely never will. They’re really reaching on some of these comments …… Kijiji murders ? Really ?

  • john green

    yep buy a ford and ride ten miles and repair the rest. Nice choice

  • Vince Cannava II

    can’t help but feel they cheeped-out with the halogen headlights. Should have gone with HID at minimum if not led. Still looks good.

  • Vince Cannava II

    that’s been a term i’ve heard since the 80’s. you need to get out more or read. Do something for gods-sake.