Scion xB Release Series 10 Has a Hint of Lime

Scion xB Release Series 10 Has a Hint of Lime

There’s a high-tech version of the Scion xB set to debut at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

Priced from $21,175, the Scion xB Release Series 10.0 will debut sporting “Electric Quartz” paint – a pearl white with subtle green highlights. The green highlighting carries over into the cabin with custom seat accent stitching and door inserts. In addition, the vehicle features three unique projections: Scion logo from the rear bumper to the ground, “xB RS 10.0” on the driver’s side interior carpet and the sequential number of the specific vehicle projected onto the passenger side floor.

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Making the xB Release Series 10.0 even more unique are the Piano Black interior accents on the center console, steering wheel and vent rings and the illuminated door sills with the Scion name. There are also custom floor mats with “xB Release Series 10.0” stitched in white, Tungsten Gray wheel caps and illuminated center console cup holders. The xB Release Series 10.0 will come standard with a backup camera and conductive wireless charging technology. It will be available with an automatic transmission only and will be limited to just 1,500 units.

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  • Thomas Miller

    As a scion owner, I expected more from the 2015 Xb model. When is Scion going to stop under powering this car? Even Mazda figured out they had to put a better engine in the CX-5 and that 2.5L engine will probably pave the way for the rest of their fleet. Not only is this car under powered, it still needs better handling. Being that its not very aerodynamic, it could use standard “stiffer” suspension and possibly some TRD springs on the Release series. Paint and lights can make a car look nice but what do you really want in a car? Better perfomance! Scion dropped the ball once again and the price should reflect that. Maybe they shouldn’t have put all their attention in the FR-S.

  • Paige Orton

    Having gone from a 2005 xB to the 2014 release model, the 2014 is WAY more powerful, has better handling, and suspension. This car turns on a dime, it’s glorious. The 2014 xB has a Toyota Camry engine. I can feel the power in the 2014 when I accelerate, in my 2005 I could floor it and it would still take forever to accelerate. If they put a bigger engine in this car, it’d be overpowered. But the 2014 definitely has guts.
    And you expect a square car to be aerodynamic, that’s silly. If you want an aerodynamic car, go buy a boring, basic sedan that millions of other people drive.