Tesla Swings Back at Smarmy Lemon Law Lawyer

Tesla Swings Back at Smarmy Lemon Law Lawyer

No surprise here – Tesla has issued a rebuttal to the recent law suit filed by the so-called Lemon Law King.

The American automaker issued a statement saying that “there are good reasons to be skeptical of the lawyer’s motivations.” Tesla said that its team of technicians has been in contact with the owner tied to the case and has been trying to resolve his stated concerns. Though the company didn’t go into details on those concerns, it did say they “have elusive origins.”

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As part of the rebuttal, Tesla also presented its side of the story, stating that the customer has not requested three demands for a buy-back. In the incident with the malfunctioning door handles, Tesla mentioned that its technicians were unable to replicate the issue, but replaced all the handles anyway. As for the car’s fuse blowing on numerous occasions, Tesla cleared the air by saying that the fuse appeared to be tampered with and after applying non-tamper tape to the fuse, the issue ceased.

Tesla also pointed out that the same lawyer filed a lemon law suit against Volvo in February, 2013 for the same client.

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