Top 10 Cars of the 2014 Beijing Motor Show

Top 10 Cars of the 2014 Beijing Motor Show

10. Nissan Lania Concept

The second concept to come from Nissan‘s Chinese design studio, the Lannia concept debuted at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show and was billed as a follow-up to the brand’s Friend-Me show car from 2013. The sedan sports a futuristic design drawing styling cues from recent Nissan models such as the 2015 Murano with prominent features such as the brand’s V-motion grille and boomerang headlights. Overall, the Lannia was designed to appeal to the younger generation of Nissan consumers in China, or what they refer to as the “Post-80s” generation.

“The Lannia concept exudes ‘daqi,'” explained Taiji Toyota, the head of Nissan’s Chinese design studio, in a statement. “Daqi is a Chinese word that is hard to define but that has the strength to push people towards better things.”

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