Top 10 New York Auto Show Debuts to Watch

Top 10 New York Auto Show Debuts to Watch

2. Toyota

OK lets get one thing straight: this isn’t a list of the “most exciting debuts.”  It isn’t a list of the best debuts. It’s a list of what to watch and there’s a darn good reason to keep one eye on Toyota at all times next week.

The company is planning a large post-show event where members of the media will race against each other in the FT-1 concept in Gran Turismo. That doesn’t mean much by itself, but the fact remains that Toyota is co-developing a sports car with BMW widely thought to be a spiritual successor to the Supra.

Toyota kept its mouth shut tight about the FT-1 debut earlier this year for Detroit. As important as the Corolla is in a business sense, news about the FT-1 would be a show-stopper.

  • Hakim

    I can’t wait to see more M4 Convertible pics!!!!

  • Rickers

    I really hope you’re right about the FT-1

  • Raymond Ramírez

    The best one is #4: the Corvette Stingray convertible. A 190 MPH vehicle that can return 29 MPG.

  • Harry Giarrusso

    ok, where’s the new Barracuda ?

  • Freak Power

    The only car worth looking is new Corvette. Other cars…overpriced and overrated.

  • Joe Dailey


    *made in Brazil , Taiwan, Mexico and china. assembled in the US.

    More of my NISSAN was made in the US

  • Adrian

    The engines are made and assembled in Tonawanda, NY. That’s in America.