Top 10 New York Auto Show Debuts to Watch

8. Mazda


We don’t know what Mazda has up its sleeve this year for New York. Their spokesmen are keeping things quiet and are entirely unwilling to offer any sort of hint about what is in the works.

Word is, the MX-5 replacement might make an appearance, although the company refuses to ratify the rumor.

The brand might just do the predictable thing and bring its “Hazumi” concept (pictured) along. That car was first shown in Geneva and is a close preview of what to expect from the upcoming Mazda2.

But lets hope that isn’t the case.

Other possible news from Mazda could include an update on its battle to bring North Americans the long-delayed diesel version of its Mazda6 mid-size sedan. The Paleolithic CX-9 could use some sprucing up, so maybe there’s news in the works about that.

Barring those hypotheses, they could also be about to drop details on a successor to the much-loved Mazdaspeed3. All we know is that Mazda’s U.S. CEO Jim O’Sullivan got very excited last February in Chicago when we asked about plans for the New York show.

  • Hakim

    I can’t wait to see more M4 Convertible pics!!!!

  • Rickers

    I really hope you’re right about the FT-1

  • Raymond Ramírez

    The best one is #4: the Corvette Stingray convertible. A 190 MPH vehicle that can return 29 MPG.

  • Harry Giarrusso

    ok, where’s the new Barracuda ?

  • Freak Power

    The only car worth looking is new Corvette. Other cars…overpriced and overrated.

  • Joe Dailey


    *made in Brazil , Taiwan, Mexico and china. assembled in the US.

    More of my NISSAN was made in the US

  • Adrian

    The engines are made and assembled in Tonawanda, NY. That’s in America.