Top 10 New York Auto Show Debuts to Watch

Top 10 New York Auto Show Debuts to Watch

3. Alfa Romeo 4C

Just like the McLaren, this isn’t a world debut. Heck, it’s a year-and-a-month-old debut counting by when Alfa first showed the 4C in Geneva. But the 4C’s arrival is arguably one of the most significant events planned for the show because it marks the brand’s long-awaited return to North America.

It’s also worth considering the fact that its 1.75-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, carbon fiber monocoque chassis and supercar performance are all available at (presumably) sub-supercar prices. One thing is for sure, it won’t be nearly as expensive as the McLaren 650S. Normal people might stand a chance at owning one, and that’s worth big brownie points at this publication.

  • Hakim

    I can’t wait to see more M4 Convertible pics!!!!

  • Rickers

    I really hope you’re right about the FT-1

  • Raymond Ramírez

    The best one is #4: the Corvette Stingray convertible. A 190 MPH vehicle that can return 29 MPG.

  • Harry Giarrusso

    ok, where’s the new Barracuda ?

  • Freak Power

    The only car worth looking is new Corvette. Other cars…overpriced and overrated.

  • Joe Dailey


    *made in Brazil , Taiwan, Mexico and china. assembled in the US.

    More of my NISSAN was made in the US

  • Adrian

    The engines are made and assembled in Tonawanda, NY. That’s in America.