Top 10 Ways to Have a Good Friday at the New York Auto Show

Top 10 Ways to Have a Good Friday at the New York Auto Show

6. Concept cars

Sure the Guggenheim is great, the Met is magnificent and the Museum of Natural History has scantly clad prehistoric manikins. Tempting as all that is, there’s also plenty of artwork to see at the auto show.

Concept cars are dreamed up by some of the world’s most brilliant designers. They usually serve as a hint of what’s to come. Even if they never reach production, there’s no denying how exciting they are to look at.

For example, Land Rover’s Discovery Vision concept seems like it was plucked directly from a science fiction novel. It uses Smart Glass to display information on the windows and can use laser beams and infrared rays to sense how deep water is before crossing it while trial driving.

There’s also Kia’s GT4 Stinger sports car concept. It previews what a sports coupe might look like if Kia ever built one.


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