Toyota Announces New, More Efficient Engines

Toyota Announces New, More Efficient Engines

Your next Toyota could be 10 percent more efficient than what’s currently on sale thanks to a slew of new engine technologies the Japanese auto giant just announced.

The series of newly-developed, highly fuel-efficient engines achieve improved thermal efficiency. Toyota says the small powerplants leverage combustion and loss-reduction technologies it refined through its hybrid powertrains. The company expects that the new engines will achieve fuel-efficiency improvements of at least 10 percent over current vehicles. Though it’s unclear whether they’ll be making it into North American models, the new engines will be rolled out in the near future in vehicles scheduled for partial redesign. A total of 14 new engine variations will be introduced globally by 2015.

One of the engines Toyota has announced is a 1.3-liter unit that employs the Atkinson cycle, technology that is found in the brand’s dedicated hybrid powertrains. Other innovations designed to enhance fuel economy in the 1.3-liter include an intake port with a new shape that generates a strong tumble flow and a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system paired with intelligent electric variable valve timing. Compared to current vehicles, the 1.3-liter is capable of approximately 15 percent better fuel economy.

The other powerplant shown is a 1.0-liter jointly developed with Daihatsu. It features technology similar to the 1.3-liter and when combined with idling-stop functionality, a maximum fuel efficiency improvement of approximately 30 percent is possible.

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